The MADROC Container can save you time and money!

Hauling for Agricultural & Landscaping Supply Industries

Our MADROC containers provide individual compartments to separate materials. The multiple compartment design allows one vehicle to haul to multiple customers in a single trip, compared to most supplier vehicles that can only haul one order at a time. The current delivery method exhausts time and the ability to process getting orders to customers. The MADROC saves valuable time and money so you can accommodate your customers more efficiently, adding profit to your bottom line.

With their heavy duty, rigid frames, our containers can distribute products such as aggregate, mulch, sand, compost, soil, fertilizers, seed, grain and numerous other products up to 50,000 gross pounds. The MADROC’s unique design prevents weight distribution for loading and unloading without the worry of tipping.



• Made in the USA
• Works with most hook lift and Cable rail lift systems
• Works independently without any retrofit
• Provides fast dump cycles
• Driver controls each container on ground or from cab of truck for maximum efficiency
• Made of recycled material
• Engineered and UL Approved
• Programmable controller
• Low VOC enamel paint
• UL certified components
• Grease hinge fittings
• Automated
• Special designed gravity door latch system
• Custom sizes available
• Offered in 9 standard configurations
• Tolerates imperfect alignment


• Haul & distribute multiple materials at the same time
• Less delivery time
• Enables more deliveries in a day
• Decreases manpower
• Keeps material content separated
• Container does not use petroleum power
• Solar power option does not use petroleum
• Easily measures in yardage with marking inside every container

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Used for hauling:

• Mulch

• Sand

• Soil

• Aggregate

• Fertilizer

• Stone

• Gravel

• Compost

• Fill Dirt

• Lime

• Seed