The MADROC Container can save you time and money!

agricultural-1.pngCreative Systems, Inc. is a company based out of Lynchburg, Virginia, that is committed to developing products that contribute to the handling of recyclable and renewable materials. Our company created the Multiple Activated Dump Roll Off Container (MADROC) for many usages in markets such as municipalities, private sector businesses, the C&D industry and agricultural supply hauling. 

Founder C. Scott Elliott, is a Class A general contractor that developed the MADROC based on the needs of his construction business, as well as the satisfactory results achieved from building Central Virginia’s first USGBC “LEED for Homes” house. Through the LEED green rating program, all materials used in association with the construction of any structure require a chain of custody. Providing documents to prove what material remained in the structure and where the remaining materials ended up were used to determine the percentage of waste diverted. Scott also learned that using one unit with multiple containers would eliminate the need for space found with traditional roll off containers in the C&D industry. Space is a necessity in most construction projects where limited staging areas are typical.

The MADROC has started to gain national attention, and is currently being featured in www.mswmanagement.com  and www.thehauler.com.



The November-December 2011 issue of MSW Management featuring the MADROC Container.

Markets for MADROC
For municipalities, apartment complexes, schools, and construction sites, this container makes collecting, hauling, and dumping recyclables possible with only one piece of equipment. With an open top design, these compartmentalized containers are efficient to users for accepting recycled content offered currently at most convenience centers. Depending on what ratio of content your customer uses, we offer the solution with various sizes and configurations to assure maximum efficiency. See page 9 for more details.

For commercial industries, this container offers a simple method of separately storing recyclable materials until they are ready to be hauled and dumped at the proper MRF or transfer stations.

The MADROC is offered as a completely independent powered unit that is used with new or existing roll off chassis trucks typically found in the industry today. Whether you have a fleet of hook lift or cable hoist trucks, the MADROC will work with most roll-off systems. Be the leader in recycling innovation in your area.


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